Enterprise (Pool Plan)

Pay-as-you-go. Draws from a prepaid balance As you connect more devices with SpeedTalk Mobile, we'll automatically discount your device and Flexible Data rates.

Monthly Active DevicesPer DeviceUS Domestic Coverage
(Include Roaming)
International Roaming
(Yielding Data)
30 – 99$3.00/mo10¢/MB40¢/MB
100 – 499 $3.00/mo8¢/MB38¢/MB
500 – 999$3.00/mo 6¢/MB18¢/MB
1,000 – 4,999$3.00/mo4¢/MB17¢/MB
5,000 – 9,999$3.00/mo2¢/MB16¢/MB

Need specific countries?
Using lots of data?
Have a different business model?

How many devices are you planning to deploy?
each device will require an IoT SIM card.
How many total MB of data* are you expecting to use?
*US Domestic data usage (Roaming Included)

Save as you scale up.
Discounts start at 100 devices.

Device / Mo
PER MB (US Domestic)
Estimated Total Cost